Having essential instrumentation is important in environmental research which routinely involves the study of very complex systems and their interactions.


Most commercially available instrumentation is not well designed for the study of environmental samples, thus much of our research involves the development of novel approaches and methods with the analytical capabilities to unravel the most complex natural systems.


At present our lab contains excellent research capabilities including two state of the art NMR spectrometers to study liquids, HR-MAS semi-solids, solids, imaging, fully hyphenated LC-SPE-NMR/MS, and a globally unique capability to study samples in situ. In addition we are lucky enough to have various offline separation and concentration devices, as well as liquid and gas phase mass spectrometers.


Currently we are linking various mass spectrometers, separation and concentration devices with NMR to create novel "Hyphenated NMR" systems that have unmatched analytical capabilities. In turn these allow us to understand the constituents in novel natural systems from the sea, land and even space which has never been possible before due to their chemical complexity.



Bruker Ultrashield 500 MHz Avance III Solution-State NMR (LC-SPE-NMR-MS)

Bruker Ultrashield 500 MHz Avance III Unique comprehensive multiphase capabilities

Bruker Ascend 500 MHz Avance III equiped with cryprobes

Solids and Image capabilities

Aglient HPLC with Bruker Prospekt ACE LC-SPE(NMR coupled)

Agilent 1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC System

Beckmann Coulter Proteomelab PA 800 CE

Automated Sample Preparation System