Do I need to be an expert in NMR to join your group ?

No : You will be trained in all aspects of the instrumentation. More importantly you must have an open mind, be willing to work hard, and enjoy a challenge. As the research, methods, and instrumentation we employ are so diverse it impossible for everyone to be an expert at everything. Everyone in the research group helps each other out.


Will I be employable after working in your group ?

Yes : You will be highly employable. You have a diverse range of skills in NMR (including hyphenated NMR and unique "in-situ" NMR) which are at the cutting edge of modern research and represent the future in Analytical Chemistry. As well as chemical applications the skills you will learn are desperately needed in many large companies especially in the pharmaceutical industry and medical research. So whether you decide to stay in an academic setting, or move to industry you will have gained a unique and highly sought after skill set and should be a leader in whatever field you choose next.


Will I get to travel to conferences ?

Of course : As long as funding is available and you have good work to present. All students are highly encouraged to attend scientific conferences in order to broaden their own horizons and that of the research group as a whole.