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The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) campus was established in 1964 out of a spirit of innovation and engagement. The vision for the university was to complement strong academic programs with experiential learning practices in an intimate and welcoming environment. The university has come a long way since those early days when it was known as “Scarborough College,” with the addition of new students, new faculty and new buildings.

Much has changed since the mid-60s and our alumni are a reflection of our past, a representation of our present, and a link to our future. Whether you graduated 40 years ago or a recent graduate, UTSC is still a place that inspires.

The Development and Alumni Relations Office works hard to maintain the relationship between the campus, the university with over 41,000 alumni worldwide. It is your link to the present, not only bringing you up to date with what’s going on at the university, but to keep you abreast of the great things that UTSC alumni continue to do and achieve.

We communicate with our alumni through a number of channels like our Website, the Alumni Magazine, the Alumni e-Newsletter, e-Blasts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There is always something happening for alumni to get involved in, with events taking place year-round, I hope you will find at least one event that is sure to capture your interest. The following events attract hundreds of UTSC alumni and students every year:

  • Leader2Leader
  • Spring Reunion
  • PWR Play
  • Partners in Leadership
  • Alumni Connections
  • Regional Events (Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, New York, California and the UK)


There are a number of rewarding volunteer opportunities including some upcoming vacancies within the UTSC Alumni Association. The Association’s goal is to engage alumni membership, in all its diversity, in a lifelong relationship committed to fostering excellence in scholarship, community and the work of the university. If this and any of the events listed are of interest to you, please contact Regan Tigno at

Alumni Community

Annual Fund builds a culture of gratitude at UTSC

The Annual Fund provides ongoing support and assistance for students through scholarships, bursaries, innovative teaching programs.
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