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Partners in Leadership


"Mentoring is a brain to pick,an ear to listen,and a push in the right direction"
– John C. Crosby

The goal of the Partners in Leadership alumni mentorship program is to tap into the vast professional experience of U of T Scarborough alumni to help our students transition from student life to work life and assist in strengthening their self image and vision of their possible futures.

With Partners in Leadership we aim to provide experiential learning for our students by infusing our alumni community and resources into student life, in order to enrich the overall student experience.

If you are entering your final year and would like to participate as a mentee, please fill out our application.


If you would like to reconnect with UTSC and make a difference in the life of a current undergraduate, fill out our application to become a Partner in Leadership!

Benefits of Mentorship

Through the power of mentorship you will be exposing your mentee to a brand new perspective, sharing your knowledge and experiences in a collaborative effort towards their personal development.

Benefits to being a mentor in the Partners in Leadership program include:

  • Intrinsic satisfaction obtained from helping an emerging professional from your alma mater develop his/her potential
  • The opportunity to share experiences
  • Increases in networking potential
  • An opportunity for experienced professionals to strengthen their knowledge base and improve their communication skills
  • Enhance your leadership, teaching and coaching skills and become a more reflective practitioner
  • A chance to interact with future professionals who will shape the future of our society
  • Demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to personal and professional development of self
  • The satisfaction of giving-back and re-acquainting yourself with U of T Scarborough


As a mentor with the University of Toronto Scarborough's Partners in Leadership program, we ask for your cooperation with the following:

  • Value the mentee as a person. Make yourself available to discuss potential career issues or questions via an agreed upon method of communication, and meet with your mentee at least once per month.
  • Develop mutual trust and respect. Don't be afraid to be a friend to your mentee. However, both of you should clearly establish and remain mindful of personal boundaries early on.
  • Focus on your mentee's development. More than anything else, this program is about your mentee. Listen to their ideas, provide feedback and encourage their professional ambitions, but resist the urge to produce a clone!
  • Be flexible. Your career or experience may not match the mentee's expectations precisely, but this does not mean it won't be appreciated! Remember that your insight and your experiences are valuable.

If you would like to reconnect with UTSC and make a difference in the life of a current undergraduate, fill out our questionnaire to become a Partner in Leadership!


A mentor is a wise and trusted friend, a coach, a motivator and a guide all at once.

The University of Toronto Scarborough welcomes interested alumni from all professions and career fields to join the program and share their vision, experiences and energy with our undergraduates.

Find out what our students had to say about their mentors and the program:

Chris Chen
"The program has been great so far. My mentor has been very helpful in giving me insight and advice on the workforce. I think the best thing about the Mentorship program is that you're paired up with a UTSC Alumni. They have been in your shoes and have experienced your fears, worries, and concerns on choosing future careers after graduation. I'm looking forward to future activities planned for us."

Elsie Obeng-Kingsley:
"The Alumni Mentorship Program presented me with an excellent opportunity to share my apprehension of the transition into the workplace after graduation and establish a lasting relationship with a UTSC alumnus. My mentor shared helpful advice of the services our campus offers graduating students, as well as various websites that are good for searching career opportunities. I also was able to network with various alumni in the program and pick their brain about the questions I had. The Alumni Mentorship Program is a great tool available for graduating students."

Raluca Soica
"The Partners in Leadership Program is made up of a small group of mentors, with various backgrounds, and a common trait: success; the mentees are a group of equally diverse students, who also share a common trait: excitement. Bringing these two together gives the program a vibe of youthfulness and excitement. I was really thrilled to take part in this program, as I always wished I had someone to tell me if I am doing things right or wrong, or simply to help me think of my future career in strategic steps. Above all, this program is also a place where you can network and build meaningful professional relationships. I highly recommend it to anyone: you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!"

Nivethika Thambithurai
"So far my experience with the program has been really eye-opening. Although my mentor isn't in the same line of work that I plan to pursue, he's had a lot of interesting experiences through his school, work and volunteer experiences, and he has shared with me some of the different lessons and values he has learned along the way. As I am in the last years of my undergrad right now, it's really reassuring to have the support of a mentor who charted a path from UTSC to the work world, and can give me constructive feedback as I try to carve my own niche out from all the options available to me."

Allan Tota
"I am thoroughly enjoying the program thus far. My mentor is amazing. We keep in relatively constant contact, she helps me by providing resources that I would find useful and she's always there if I need to chat. Overall, I'm very pleased with how the program is progressing, from career skills workshops to networking events. I look forward to things to come."

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