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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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More Accessibility Tips - Wheelchair/Scooter etiquette

When you are with someone who uses a wheelchair or scooter

  1. Do not push, drive, lean on, grab, hold or anything else to their wheelchair without permission. This is personal space and property.
  2. Rearrange furniture if there is something blocking the way of their wheelchair or scooter
  3. Try to get on eye level with the person to facilitate with conversation.

General Tips

  • Speak to the person who has the disability and not just someone with them (Intervener or Interpreter). Be patient and ask questions if you can’t understand them. Never pretend you can understand someone if you do not. Simply say what you think the person said and they will correct it if necessary. Be patient if someone uses a device to communicate with.
  • Do not talk down to the person or like they are a child.
  • If it looks like someone with a disability might need some help, just ask them. The worst they can do is say “No, thank you.”
  • Relax and just be yourself.

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