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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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myAIMS (AccessAbility Information Management System)

Every student registered with AccessAbility Services will have their own myAIMS online service account.


In order to access your myAIMS account, please click on the myAIMS link located on the top right of any page of the AccessAbility Services website.

Students will be prompted to use their UTORid username and password to access their myAIMS account. If you have not yet activated your UTORid, please visit the following link:

If you require assistance in activating your UTORid, please contact the IITS Student Help Desk at:

B487 and in the Informatics Commons

Using Your Accommodations

Please send AccessAbility Services an email to let us know if you will be attending this semester. To receive your accommodations such as note taking and test/exams you will need tonotify us in advance at

Courses on Alternate Campuses

Please note that your UTSC myAIMS account will not provide access to course notes from alternate campuses (i.e. St. George or UTM).   If the courses that you are taking on an alternate campus appear your myAIMS account, please be advised that these requests will not result in note taking supports.  Once your accommodations have been activated by your home campus, you must contact your alternate campus to receive note taking accommodations through the applicable campus office/online service. 

Tests and Exams

For more information on Final Exam Procedures, please view the Final Exam Procedures Manual

For more information on Test/Quiz Procedures, please view the Test/Quiz Procedures Manual


Your myAIMS account will allow you to:

  • Access and manage your Peer Note Taking accommodations
  • View and print your Letters of Introduction for Instructors

Future components will include:

  • Request quiz, test, or exam accommodations online
  • View your appointments and test/exam schedules online

If you receive Note Taking as an accommodation
Please Register Online
to access and manage your course notes.


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