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The WebOption Lecturecasting service provides you with recorded lectures within 24 hours of the live lecture. You can access the recorded lectures by using the WebOption link on your course's Blackboard page or by using the WebOption Login. Only courses that you are enrolled in that have recorded lectures will appear upon login. Lectures may be available for the complete semester or removed after a certain amount of time depending on the instructor's request.

Not all courses use the WebOption service. To find out which courses have recorded lectures, please review the Participating Lectures page and visit the UTSC Course Timetable. If you would like to register for a course that only offers the ability to view the online lecture without having to attend the live lecture, register in an LEC60 section as you normally would enroll into courses on ROSI. Some courses may not have an online-only section but may have lectures videotaped for supplementary purposes. For such lectures, you register into the traditional LEC01/LEC30 section and your instructor will inform you about the availability of the WebOption.

You can also access WebOption on your mobile device through the Lecturecast Mobile Site.

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Types of WebOption


A specific course section (Section LEC60) is designated to WebOption on ROSI that you can select when you register. Students enrolled in the LEC60 Section do not attend the live lectures. The live lectures are recorded and can be accessed online within 24 hours for students enrolled in the LEC60 Section, as well as those registered in LEC01/30 sections. Not all courses offer an LEC60 WebOption Section. Some courses offered as LEC60, particularly in the summer, have been recorded during a previous semester.


Live lectures are recorded as supplementary aid for review purposes. No special section is designated and no specific registration is necessary. The instructor will inform you at the beginning of the semester of lecture video availability. To view a list of participating Supplementary WebOption courses, please refer to the appropriate course list here.

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