Faculty - Adopting WebOption

To book WebOption services for your course, please respond to the email request that is sent to faculty prior to the start of each term. Space is limited, so please be prompt in your reply. To request an LEC60 Section for your course, please contact your department head in advance of course registration to discuss your interest in adopting this kind of WebOption section for your courses.


Types of WebOption


Lectures of the current semester are video-recorded and posted online. Students are encouraged to attend the live lectures and review the lecture recordings online. Instructors are welcome to request this type of WebOption service directly with the WebOption Coordinator. We accept requests for service 3 or 4 weeks prior to the upcoming semester. An email is sent out to all faculty and department administrators to alert them that the request window is about to open. Simply respond to that email to make your request.

LEC60 - 69 Sections

In combination with daytime or evening in-class lectures, Lec 60-69 offers an online lecture option along with in-class components (labs, tutorials, etc.). The exams/midterms are onsite.

LEC70 - 79 Sections

The only offering is an online lecture in addition to in-class components (labs, tutorials). The exams/midterms are onsite.

LEC99 Sections

All components of the course are online (i.e., labs, tutorials, assignments, etc.). The exams/midterms are usually on-site, however, off-site option might be possible on a case-by-case basis. 

Summer LEC60 - 69 Sections

Lectures videotaped in a previous semester are re-mounted as an online-only course in the Summer Semester. There is no option to attend lectures in-person.


Please contact us if you would like more information about how WebOption works with different course sections.


Expectations of Instructors

When you arrive at your classroom one of the friendly WebOption videographers will hand you a lapel microphone and then set up our recording equipment in an unobtrusive location in the lecture theatre. When you see the "thumbs up", the video is running and all is working well. Go ahead and lecture, then return the microphone afterwards. If you use PowerPoint slides and you would like to include beside your lecture video, the preferred file type is .ppt and the preferred method of delivery is via email, if the file size is greater than 15Mb then you can send your files using the University's secure File Transfer Service to our generic email address - webopt@utsc.utoronto.ca. For sessional instructors who can not access this service please contact the WebOption Coordinator to discuss an alternative delivery method.

For answers to the most common faculty questions visit our Faculty FAQ page.