Clare Hasenkampf

Clare Hasenkampf
Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning


Professor Hasenkampf received her PhD from Florida State University in Genetics, and did postdoctoral work at the University of California San Diego, before taking up her faculty position at UTSC. She is a past winner of the National Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Women’s Faculty Award, and her NSERC supported research is focused on the structure and function of eukaryotic chromosomes, with particular interest in how the specialized chromosome structures found during meiosis allow homologous chromosomes to come together, recognize each other, and undergo reciprocal genetic exchange.

Professor Hasenkampf has served as the Associate Chairs of the Department of Life Sciences, and Biological Sciences, and regularly teaches Genetics (undergraduate) and Advanced Imaging (graduate).  She is especially interested in student engagement in their education and development as scientists.  This passion has led to her receiving numerous teaching awards, culminating in the 3M National Teaching Award.  Professor Hasenkampf currently serves as the Associate Dean & Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  In this role she facilitates the work of CTL’s educators to enhance student learning through student-centred programming, and works directly with instructors to build a community of teachers that together are advancing our collective teaching expertise, to help all willing students fully engage in the learning opportunities that abound at UTSC.

As the Associate Dean Teaching and Learning, Professor Hasenkampf also oversees support to unit's teaching through consultations, workshops, and advising on resources that might be available for course support through CTL and through U of T.  The Associate Dean also oversees the strategic overview of pedagogy; supports curriculum enhancement; promotion of teaching and professional development; and teaching innovation.