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For Educational Technology support please contact us at: portal@utsc.utoronto.ca

End of Term Course Procedures

Please take care to implement these best practices

Turnitin Setup for Winter 2015

Courses who wish to implement the Turnitin academic integrity system should:


General Setup of Blackboard Learning Management System:

Brian, Adon and the portal support team are available by email, phone or appointment to resolve your Blackboard setup problems or discuss technology-supported course design.  [blackboard@utsc.utoronto.ca].

Or give us a call/email us for your general teaching and learning technology support needs:

Educational Technology Administrator - Brian Sutherland, M. Ed.  [sutherland@utsc.utoronto.ca]

Academic Communication and Technology Specialist - Adon Irani, M. MSc.  [airani@utsc.utoronto.ca]