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U of T's New Learning Management System (Instructure Canvas) is named Quercus

The portal is changing!  Announcement at the Toolbox Renewal Page.

Cool Things You Can Do with Canvas (1:25)

All instructors may now log in to Canvas and experiment in a sandbox course - https://q.utoronto.ca/

Interested in taking an online course on Canvas?   Try Learning Canvas 2017 on Lynda.com.

We also have two upcoming Quickstart Quercus Webinars, April 25 10am-12pm, and May 10, 10am-12pm offered by our support colleagues downtown.  Sign up by clicking the links.

In addition to an outstanding usability design, Quercus also has GREAT mobile apps! Download them here:  iOS Canvas Teacher | Google Apps Canvas Teacher

Quercus Instructor Mobile App screen shot compilation

Setup of Blackboard Learning Management System

Brian, Adon, Dina, and the portal support team are available by email, phone or appointment to resolve your Blackboard setup problems or discuss technology-supported course design.  [portal@utsc.utoronto.ca].

Or give us a call/email us for your general teaching and learning technology support needs:

Brian Sutherland, M. Ed.  [sutherland@utsc.utoronto.ca]
Educational Technology Administrator, Lecturer in Biomedical Communications (UTM)

Adon Irani, M. MSc.  [airani@utsc.utoronto.ca]
Learning Consultant and Educational Technology Specialist

Dina Soliman, MA  [dinaa.soliman@utoronto.ca]
Frontline Educational Technology Technician

Peer Scholar

Peer Scholar is a peer and self assessment system for large classes.  Browse these instructions for more information or contact  [portal@utsc.utoronto.ca] to have it set up for your course.


Courses who wish to implement the Turnitin academic integrity system should: