What is TCard+

TCard+ is a new way to pay using your existing official University of Toronto Identification Card (TCard). Once you load funds into your TCard you will be able to use it as a debit card for your purchases at all participating vendors on and off campus. Your TCard will be accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, laundry machines, printers, photocopiers and academic departments across UTSC as well as the UTSC bookstore, Health and Wellness Centre, the Department of Student Housing and Residence Life and select off-campus merchants. Please see a detailed list of all TCard+ Merchants here.

All students have access to two accounts on their TCard - Meal Plan and TBucks

What is a Meal Plan?

A Meal Plan is a prepaid account on your TCard that enables you to enjoy a wide variety of healthy and ethnic food from more than 20 vendors at UTSC. Students’ who purchase a meal plan instantly save 13% tax when buying a meal on campus and an additional 5% at select food merchants. That’s a total savings of 18%! To learn more about Meal Plans, click here.

What is TBucks?

TBucks is a flexible account that can be loaded with any amount of funds at any time. TBucks are used to pay for textbooks, food (no tax savings), vending and for meal purchases at select off campus merchants. Also, TBucks is the only way to pay for printing, photocopying, laundry and for purchasing goods and services from various departments across campus.

TCard+ is your gateway to fast, safe and smart purchases on and off campus!

Your TCard is:

  • FAST - Paying with your TCard is faster than debit, credit and cash. Pay with your TCard to get through payment points faster and save valuable time!
  • SAFE - You no longer need to carry cash on campus and your funds are protected even if you lose your TCard!
  • SMART - Save money by taking advantage of TCard+ only savings and specials! Plus, save up to 18% on all of your meals when you purchase a Meal Plan.