UTSC March Environment Week 2017


Come celebrate UTSC's March Environment Week 2017

Monday March 27th: UTSC Free Store Box Building and The UNSDG Game in the Meeting Place (11:30am-2:00pm)

Tuesday March 28th: Candle Making Workshop with Beeswax with Brian Hamlin (4:00-6:00pm). $10 for students/staff/faculty and $20 for community/external. Pay at Farmer's Market on March 15th or to the Sustainability Office (SW213B). Registration required.

Wednesday March 29th: Farmer's Market (Meeting Place)

Thursday March 30th: Food Discussion Cafe: The Hunger Games (2-4pm) and Wall-E Movie Night & UTSC FreeStore Launch (6:00pm at UTSC Residence Centre)

Don't forget to sign up on intranet!!

Electronic Drive all week long (collecting all broken and unused electronics) in the Meeting Place.