Transition Advising

Our Transition Advisors are here to help! 

We can help you:

Adjust to Canada – Learn how to form friendships in Canada, succeed in the U of T classroom, live in Toronto’s climate, or deal with feeling homesick.
Build your new community – Get involved on- and off-campus, find clubs and sign up for activities.
Make a plan – Achieve your goals during your time here at the University of Toronto.
Find help when you need it – Understand your health insurance and coverage, file your Canadian income taxes, and get access to helpful programs, services and information.

Book an appointment through CLN or drop by the office (IC 349) during drop-in hours.


Transition Programing also includes:

Conversation Community

Conversation Community is a peer-to-peer, non-academic service for students who wish to practice their conversational English while experiencing diverse cultural aspects of Toronto.

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program provides support to first year international, inbound exchange, and newcomer students to Canada.

Settling in the City

Settling in the City is an off-campus excursion with an International Student Centre Transition Advisor and student staff to the local shopping mall.

Canadian Income Tax Filing

ALL domestic and international students MUST file their tax return annually with the Canadian Government to receive eligible refunds and credits (GST, OST, tuition and education).