Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is designed to provide every UTSC student the opportunity to build an understanding of their leadership style, gain skills to better collaborate with others, and be actively engaged citizens in their communities. The program runs over the course of your degree and can be started and completed at any time before graduation. Completion of any leadership certificate is eligible for inclusion on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Complete six workshop credits, one experience, and a reflection to earn a certificate for each stream. 

Keep track of your completed credits and view upcoming workshops on the Intranet. Want more information on the program? 

For more information read the Leadership Program overview, or contact Manjot Bining at leadership@utsc.utoronto.ca

Workshop Credits

The Leadership Development Program consists of three major program areas, ILEAD, ULEAD, WELEAD. 

Find and Share Experiences

Experiences are activities on and off campus that are opportunities to apply skills and learning from leadership workshops.


The reflection offers participants the opportunity to both look back on their leadership journey and provide feedback on the program