Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is designed to provide every UTSC student the opportunity to build an understanding of their leadership style, gain skills to better collaborate with others, and be active parts of their communities.

  • We have 3 major streams in which you can earn multiple certificates: ILEAD, ULEAD, and WELEAD
  • The Leadership Development Program runs over the course of your undergraduate degree so you can pace the program at a rate that is comfortable for you
  • Complete 6 workshop credits, 1 experience, and a reflection to earn a certificate for each stream
  • Workshop credits can be earned by attending in-person workshops throughout the year or completing  online workshops and quizzes
  • Keep track of your completed credits and view upcoming workshops on the “Leadership Program” dashboard on the Intranet.

For more information contact leadership@utsc.utoronto.caVisit our events page for a full listing of our events and workshops. 

Learn more about the different streams:

ILEAD Personal Development

The ILEAD workshops are designed to provide students skills such as effective communication, developing short and long term plans, and many others that support personal growth.

ULEAD Group Development

The ULEAD workshops are focused around fostering collaboration within teams to maximize their output and providing campus groups the resources they need from across campus.

WELEAD Community Development

The WELEAD workshops help students comprehend local and global issues by developing civic awareness and civic responsibility.