First Generation Program

The First Generation Program offers first-year, first generation students with support when transitioning into university. Students attend academic and co-curricular programming led by upper year students to enhance their academic success.

First generation students are those students:

  • Whose parents or guardian(s) did not complete post-secondary education in Canada

  • Whose parents or guardian(s) completed post-secondary education outside of Canada

  • Whose parents or guardian(s) attended, but did not complete post-secondary education in Canada or outside of Canada

  • Who are considered wards of the state (Crown Ward)

The First Generation Program offers First Year students:

  1. Peer Academic Coaching: A first generation student will be paired up with an upper year Peer Academic coach (PAC) who has a similar academic background, and will be shown the ropes to getting adjusted to the university life. 

  2. Learning Skills Advising:  First generation students can receive one-on-one learning strategies advice and support from a Learning Skills Advisor who is referred by their Peer Academic Coaches. 

  3. Workshops and Events: Workshops, events and seminars are all hosted by PACs with the intention to support students by providing them with academic and personal advice.

  4. Study Cafes: Peer Academic coaches lead group study sessions for first generation students on a weekly basis. Students will learn to develop effective study techniques to succeed in their first year, meet other students with similar academic backgrounds and take heed to upper year mentors who share their own tips and experiences with course material.  

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