Club Recognition and Renewal

How do new student organizations become recognized?

To apply for recognition, new student organizations must complete the following process:

1) Review the Policy on the Recognition of Campus Groups

Please ensure that you understand the Policy on the Recognition of Campus Groups set by U of T’s Governing Council.

2) Draft a Constitution

Your constitution is the document that will set out how your group operates—how you elect your executive, how you make decisions, and more.

A constitution template is provided to help you create your own document – please feel free to modify or edit to suit your organization’s needs. 

3) Submit the Recognition Form

Applying for official recognition involves applying online on the ULife website. You will receive confirmation of this application, at which point you will be asked to submit your draft constitution for review.

Once this step is complete, confirm the status of your application by emailing

4) Review Your Constitution with the Department of Student Life

Shortly after you submit your application and constitution you will be contacted to schedule a constitutional review meeting. At that meeting, feedback and suggestions will be provided on ways to strengthen your constitution. Once the final draft of
your constitution, incorporating all necessary changes, is received, your application for recognition will be approved.

5) Sign a Recognition Agreement

When your organization is approved, you will be contacted to set up an approval meeting. At this meeting you will be asked to initial and sign a recognition agreement. At this point, your organization will be officially recognized. You will receive a copy of the approval form and a letter of status to assist you in opening a bank account for your organization.

How do existing student organizations renew recognition?

All campus groups recognition expire on April 30 every year. You must complete the renewal process in order to be a recognized campus group.

Groups must renew their U of T Scarborough recognition in order to continue to use University facilities and the University’s name. This includes maintaining UofT email accounts and web sites, continued use of other services and resources, and use of University space for activities.

Renewing group recognition commences at the beginning of April each year, but must be completed by the end of May.