Welcome from the Dean

Demond Pouyat, Dean of Student Affairs, attending U of T convocation

Welcome to the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)!

Dear new and returning students,

When I started as Dean of Student Affairs at UTSC, I received a warm, helpful, and supportive welcome which went a long way toward helping me gain my footing and achieve a successful first year. I know that you too will also be warmly received, and guided through a successful year. On behalf of the Office of Student Affairs & Services and our UTSC community, I wish you a very warm welcome to campus, and for our returning students we are happy to see you again. 

For our new students, please know that you have arrived at a caring and supportive community, one that’s on the move, that’s quickly changing, and remains focused on your success. We will do all that we can to help you achieve your goals.

We are here to support the academic and personal success of all UTSC students. Fortunately we have many options open to you, and covered by your student fees.

  • Academic Advising & Career Centre is the place to visit if you have questions about your program, study skills, or future career options.
  • AccessAbility Services provides support and academic accommodation if you have a disability, or are investigating whether you do.
  • Athletics & Recreation is where you can keep fit, play a sport, join a learn to play program, or simply have fun, and manage stress. Be proactive, get moving and enjoy our new world-class facility the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). We want to be the healthiest campus in Canada!
  • Department of Student Life will help you to get involved and experience campus life outside the classroom.
  • Health & Wellness Centre is where you can visit with a doctor, nurse or counsellor on campus using your TCard and health card to address any health concerns.
  • International Student Centre is there to support you, our international students, with transition advising and other programming.
  • Student Housing & Residence Life provides support and programming for those of you living on campus, as well as off-campus housing support and advice.

You will also find a variety of student clubs to choose from as well as student associations that are affiliated with your academic departments (DSA’s), so please take advantage of what’s available to support your success. Get involved! There are so many opportunities to do so.

Your safety is our priority. Our campus is a safe, supportive, and caring community, but even safe communities are not immune from poor choices and actions that may create risk for all. Please do your part to keep our community safe by making wise choices, respecting boundaries, and knowing what’s acceptable and what’s not. Keep an eye out for awareness campaigns, information sessions, and educational programming that will help you get the information you may need to remain healthy, get engaged, and keep safe.

The University of Toronto is committed to the prevention, support and response to sexual violence. Throughout orientation first year students will have noticed and participated in various activities and education outreach to create awareness and dialogue about consent, avenues for disclosing or reporting sexual violence and resources to support survivors. One example is “Understand Consent” a sexual violence prevention initiative at the University. The campaign materials include a bracelet and a button attached to a postcard. These materials can help you start the conversation about consent, and direct students to support, resources and more information at the University of Toronto. To learn more, please visit: consent.utoronto.ca

Preventing sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility. Throughout the year look for opportunities on campus to participate in workshops focused on intervening in situations that could lead to sexual violence and how to support survivors. To learn more about options and resources if you or a friend has experienced some form of sexual violence, please visit: safety.utoronto.ca

Our campus continues to evolve with the construction of our newest building, known as Highland Hall. This exciting project will double the amount of dedicated study space on campus but it will also impact the way we travel across campus during construction. Be sure to obey signs and personnel that provide directions, and use safe walking routes. For the latest updates, please visit: uoft.me/UTSCstatus

With this in mind embrace the year, seek help when you need it, enjoy your student experience safely, and establish a successful foundation. We hope that you will remember fondly this time at UTSC for years to come, and look back at this period as a foundational and transformative time in your lives.


Desmond Pouyat

Dean of Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs & Services
University of Toronto Scarborough