CSS Reference Documents

The following files are reference documents used by the members of the Council on Student Services (CSS).

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1 Welcome Letter
2 CSS meeting dates 2017-2018
3 CSS membership list 2017-2018
4 Constitution and By-Laws of the Council on Student Services
5 Bourinot's Rules of Order
6 CSS Budget
  CSS Budget package 2017-2018 (Non-accessible)
  CSS Budget Package 2016-2017 (Non-accessible)
  Academic Advising and Career Centre Report  2015-2016 (Non-accessible)
  Department of Student Life and International Student Centre Report  2015-2016 (Non-accessible)
  Health and Wellness Report  2015-2016 (Non-accessible)
  Athletics and Recreation Report  2015-2016(Non-accessible)
7 CSS Student Enhancement Fund
8 Governing Council Memorandum of Agreement Non-Tuition Related Fees
9 Governing Council Policy for Compulsory Non-Academic Incidental Fees
10 Governing Council Policy on Ancillary Fees
11 Academic Travel Fund
12 Partnership Fund
13 Campus Life Fund Administrative Guidelines
  Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
  Enhancement Fund Motion: Round 1
  Enhancement Fund Motion: Round 2
  Enhancement Fund Motion: Round 3
  Motion to Vote