Research holds a special place at UTSC. As a university, research is central to our core mission. As part of University of Toronto, Canada's leading research university and one of the top research universities in the world, conducting cutting-edge, world-class research is part of our DNA. Aside from this though, research functions to define us at UTSC – the research we conduct both differentiates us, and links us to our community and society as a whole. At UTSC, we strive to bridge the best possible research with our teaching and outreach, ensuring that our discoveries and scholarship connect and resonate with the world beyond our campus.

In keeping with the special place that research holds at UTSC, the research content of the UTSC website aims to serve multiple communities, connecting them with the research enterprise. Here you will find content that enables investigators to identify support for their research questions. Other content will assist investigators and students in the realisation of their research ambitions. The website also provides practical information for research conduct, including links to research funding policy and research guidelines. Finally, you will also find information about how our discoveries and scholarship can be communicated to the broader community, and how to establish partnerships to bring innovative ideas to life.

The Office of the Vice-Principal Research hopes that you find our web content useful. This said, we are always happy to work together with you through other means, either by email, telephone or in person. Our aim is to help you, our UTSC community, realise your research ambitions, fulfilling the great potential that you have as individuals and collectively in addressing today's pressing questions, and creating tomorrow's solutions.