Student Research Events & Seminars

UTSC Mitacs Drop-In Office

Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit research organization that brings together academia, industry and the public sector. The Drop-In office on campus will provide information about the unique research and training programs that are available to UTSC faculty and graduate students.

Fall Office hours in Room SW303X:

  • 10am - noon, the first Tuesday of each month as of July 2nd, 2015

Those who cannot make the regular office hours may contact Fiona Cunningham at for more information.

Graduate Student Seminar Series (GSSS)

The Graduate Student Seminar Series is a monthly event hosted by GSAS that showcases the wealth of graduate student research and expertise in all disciplines at UTSC. Students at any stage of their graduate program are encouraged to participate.

Please see the GSSS website for more information.

Professional Development for Graduate Students

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Program - Offered by the School of Graduate Studies to help all U of T graduate students become fully prepared for their future. GPS focuses on skills beyond those conventionally learned within a disciplinary program—skills that may be critical to success in the wide range of careers that graduates enter, both within and outside academe. - Launched through a collaboration of several Ontario universities including the University of Toronto. It offers free, online training tools to help graduate students looking to build their skills for academic and non-academic careers.