Research-Related Health and Safety

All faculty, staff, postdoctoral researchers and students (graduate and undergraduate) at UTSC who conduct laboratory research or supervise personnel who conduct laboratory research or research-based activities need to be familiar with the types of hazards associated within this environment and must receive appropriate training to work safely.

Health & Safety Training

UTSC Campus Safety & Security and Human Resource Services coordinate training sessions through the University of Toronto Office of Environmental Health and Safety and offer several research-related training courses such as:

  • Laboratory Safety Awareness Training
  • Chemical Safety & WHMIS Training
  • Laboratory Biosafety Training
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Hazardous Waste Management and Lab Spill Response Training
  • Respiratory Protection

More information about these courses may be found on the University of Toronto Office of Environmental Health and Safety website. Courses are announced in advance by UTSC Human Resource Services.

UTSC Campus Safety & Security and Human Resource Services also arrange other research-related health and safety sessions (e.g. Ultracentrifuge Training, Rotor Inspection, Autoclave Operation). Announcements are sent out in advance of these sessions.

UTSC Health & Safety Resources

UTSC Research and Teaching Laboratory Health & Safety Committee

  • This committee critically reviews protocols and practices existing in current research and teaching laboratories to ensure that they align with and fulfill the legislative requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as meet the principles of best practice of Emergency Preparedness and Response and all other applicable regulations

UTSC Campus Safety & Security – UTSC Environmental Health & Safety implements UTSC-specific health and safety programs and coordinates health and safety activities at UTSC:

  • Laboratory inspection program
  • Laboratory safety procedures manual
  • Emergency equipment programs (e.g. spill kit program, first aid kit program, etc.)

UTSC Human Resource Services – Health and safety information page

UTSC Human Resource Services – Training & Development information page

University of Toronto Office of Environmental Health and Safety – Develops general health and safety programs and procedures for the University of Toronto.

UTSC Environmental Health & Safety

Health & Safety Contacts

Laboratory safety and chemical health & safety

Environmental Health and Safety Manager – Holly Yuen (416)208-5141 E:

Director, Campus Safety, Issue and Emergency Management - Gary Pitcher (416)287-7539


Local Biosafety Co-ordinators

Biosafety Services Staff

Radiation safety

Local Radiation Protection Authority Members

Radiation Protection Services Staff

Hazardous waste & environmental protection

Hazardous Waste Management Coordinator - Rob Provost (416)978-7000


Staff Development Coordinator – Marilyn Kwan (416)287-7003