Research on Campus

Whether it's a neuroscientist investigating the molecular mechanisms of cell death in Parkinson's disease, a social scientist uncovering structural inequalities in the workforce policies of Bangalore, India, or an environmental scientist inventing a new use for technology that illuminates the impact of climate change on soil fertility, UTSC Research is at the forefront of deep, intellectual inquiry.

UTSC is an integral component of Canada's leading research-intensive university, with a total of seven Canada Research Chairs calling our campus home. Through a wide breadth of research expertise, from the environment and human health, to international policy and the study of global cultures, our faculty contribute to cutting-edge knowledge in their fields and help us to better understand the world in which we live. But they also engage with the world-at-large through research partnerships that expand the possibilities for learning and discovery, and that ensure our research priorities are constantly responding to a rapidly changing world.