Message from Acting Vice-Principal Research

Marc Cadotte

Research and innovation are part of the DNA of the University of Toronto Scarborough. U of T Scarborough serves as a regional, national and international hub, connecting researchers to community groups and partner organizations to foster new and innovative solutions to global problems.

From its earliest days, the University of Toronto Scarborough has been a focal point for some of the most exciting and important research being undertaken anywhere. Our researchers are nationally and internationally recognized thought leaders whose excellence is reflected in their enviable success in securing research funding and national and international awards and honours.

At U of T Scarborough, our vision is simultaneously local and global. Whether it's a neuroscientist investigating the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease, a social scientist uncovering workforce inequalities in Bangalore, or an environmental scientist inventing a new way to illuminate the impacts of climate change on soil fertility, U of T Scarborough researchers are continually working to improve our world and are having an impact locally, nationally and globally.

Our collective promise to our students, our community, our city, our region, and, indeed, the world is to deepen knowledge and uncover innovations that push the frontiers of human conditions.

I invite you to explore the information available on our website and read about some of the amazing people and initiatives at the University of Toronto Scarborough, as well as the support available from the Office of the Vice-Principal Research.

Marc Cadotte, PhD

Professor and Acting Vice-Principal Research