Managing Research Funds & Accountability

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation maintains a Manage Your Research Funding website which includes information on best practices in the responsible use of research funding. Check there for information about Accessing Research Funds, Roles and Responsibilities in Accountability & Compliance, Spending and AMS Reporting for Business Officers.

If you need information about a specific award, please contact the OVPRI staff member listed on your Funded Research Digest (FReD).

The Guide to Financial Management is the University of Toronto’s key resource for financial administrators, staff and faculty on how to handle financial related matters at the University of Toronto.

Release of research funding prior to ethics review (for new awards)

For research funding awarded for work which will involve human research participants or animals, federal government policy governing the ethical conduct of research obligates the University to freeze the funds until the work has received Research Ethics Board (REB) approval.  If the work which involves humans or animals will only take place in the future, researchers may request release of a portion of the budget prior to ethics review to cover activities which do not involve human research participants or animals.

To request a release of funds for these activities, you can complete a Request for Funding Release Prior to Ethics Review form. This form is available on the OVPRI website by clicking on the "All Forms" link in the middle of its homepage or directly here. Please be sure to use the most current form.

Information on where to submit the form once you have completed it is included on the form itself.  The request will be reviewed by ORE and RSO and if approved, funds can be released for the activities described.

Financial Reporting

Most sponsors require regular financial and project updates through formal reports. Reporting requirements for a particular award will be confirmed upon finalization of the award and will be summarized in the Funded Research Digest (FReD). See also the Financial Services guide on Reporting to Sponsors and Donors.

The University also requires that all principal investigators complete and sign a Financial Accountability Report annually. This report lists the researcher’s responsibilities. Please consult the Guide to Financial Managment -Financial Accountability section for more information and for the Principal Investigator's accountability form.

Financial Services

Your department’s financial/business officer is the first point of contact for matters related to your research funding.

UTSC Financial Services, Accounting assists your departmental financial/business officer in the following

  • Preparing forms & forwarding requests for Principal Investigator Fund Centres necessary to house your funding structure
  • Requesting MROL access if not included in a PI FC creation (eliminates form creation at UTSC)
  • Making corrections to expenses misapplied to an incorrect Fund Centre or Fund.
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Interpreting the Guide to Financial Management
  • Directing your queries to those most able to assist you
  • Posting all transactions against your funds

UTSC Financial Services, Procurement assists with your purchases as listed in the Purchasing section of the UTSC Financial Services website.