Graduate Student Research Award

The Graduate Student Research Award is a financial award open to all research-stream graduate students who are presently enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies, are supervised (or co-supervised) by University of Toronto Scarborough-based faculty, and who are currently identified on ROSI as UTSC affiliated.

Graduate Student Research Award Guidelines

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the award is to recognize the research activities of graduate students as well as their overall contribution to the University of Toronto Scarborough.

  • Eligibility

    The award is intended for Masters students and for PhD students who are not normally in their final year of study at the time of application. The award is open to all research-stream graduate students:

    • currently enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies;
    • supervised (or co-supervised) by U of T Scarborough-based faculty; and
    • currently identified on ROSI as UTSC affiliated
  • Application and procedure

    Application for the award will be made by the graduate student and will consist of the following:

    • Personal data - name, UTSC department, current program (master's or doctoral) including start date, U of T graduate department, and and past degrees (include institution(s) and dates);
    • Annotated list of research contributions (research contributions include publications, presentations, intellectual property, data collections, etc.). Include full references with authors, title, journal and volume/book chapter, page numbers and year with a description of each item that briefly outlines the main finding of the research contribution and your role in it;
    • 1 page (maximum) description of graduate student research project and/or summary of accomplishments - write up your research project in clear, non-specialist language such that a general scholarly audience can understand the research, and also give the wide implications of your project;
    • List of extracurricular activities that are directly related to U of T Scarborough; and
    • Signed reference letter on department letterhead from a U of T Scarborough faculty member familiar with the applicant's work that includes a statement as to the extent of the graduate student's involvement in the generation of his/her research contributions (e.g. conceptualization of research design, execution of research, data collection, interpretation of data, etc.).
  • Application deadline: March 1,  2017 *Please note that this is an updated, earlier deadline.

    Applications must be submitted electronically in PDF format to to the Office of the Vice-Principal, Research at Reference letters in PDF format may be submitted directly by the faculty member.  For questions, please contact Kristine Peruzzi.

  • Nature and conditions of the award

    When deemed appropriate, up to 2 cash awards of $1,000 will be given out annually, one each for a masters and a doctoral student, but two in a single category are permitted. It is not intended that the award be included as part of the recipient's minimum income (funding package) as specified by the university and the relevant graduate department.

  • Guidelines for making the award

    The award will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

    • quality of the project and/or research accomplishments;
    • applicant's research track record and research potential; and
    • other examples of leadership.
  • Selection committee

    The Selection Committee shall consist of UTSC Research Advisory Board members and the Vice-Principal, Research who will act as Committee Chair.

Graduate Student Research Award Recipients

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