Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Welcome to the UTSC Department of Psychology website! Our Department is the academic home to more than 2,500 students. Our faculty are engaged in cutting edge research in 5 main areas of psychology: clinical, cognitive, developmental, neuroscience, and social. Many of these same faculty are also award winning instructors.
The UTSC Department of Psychology offers undergraduate training in experimental psychology, mental health, and neuroscience, housed at the UTSC campus. In partnership with the tri-campus Graduate Department of Psychology we offer an MA/PhD in experimental psychology. The Department is also very proud to announce the recent creation of the UTSC Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science, through which, in partnership with OISE, we are offering an MA/PhD program in clinical psychology.

Dr. Ruocco Receives Early Researcher Award

from the Ministry of Research and Innovation

Photograph of Professor Cendri Hutcherson

Psychology UTSC welcomes

Professor Cendri Hutcherson

Photograph of Professor Michael Inzlicht

Prof. Michael Inzlicht

awarded 2015 Daniel M. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prized Nomination Panel