Administrative Resources

All faculty, staff and students will be required to complete the following when submitting an expense claim form:                                                

  1. Complete expense claim form              
  2. Number the original receipts                                 
  3. Group the same type of receipts (i.e. meal or transportation) and tape them by group onto a separate piece of paper then summarize the total amount on the bottom of the page.       
  4. All receipts must be originals to properly support the request for reimbursement (see notes below). For on-line purchases using a personal credit card, the receipt would be the printout of the confirmation of purchase, registration, etc., provided by the website after payment.                                                    

Additional Notes

Air and Rail Travel

Original receipts are required to support air/rail travel. In addition, while a boarding pass is not required, other acceptable documentation must be provided in a claim as proof of air/rail travel. An original receipt must indicate the method of payment and the amount paid by the traveler (e.g. itinerary/receipt or ticket confirmation from the airline/railway). If proof of payment is not indicated on the original receipt, additional proof of payment is required, e.g. copy of credit card statement.            



The original receipt required is the detailed statement of guest charges from the host establishment. If the accommodation is booked through a third party booking site (like Expedia), then the order confirmation from the third party booking site showing credit card payment and travel dates, including a statement of guest charges or hotel bill with travel dates from the host establishment for other charges (or a hotel bill with travel dates where there were no other charges, if provided) should accompany the reimbursement request.                                        



Original restaurant receipts are required for reimbursement of actual expenses (i.e. detailed restaurant bill). Please note that the credit card receipt may be used to substantiate the restaurant gratuity.