Programming in The Hub is designed around best practices for early-stage entrepreneurship and design thinking. It focuses on the validation of business concepts leading to both innovation and commercialization.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is a well known framework in entrepreneurship. It leverages the work of Eric Ries, and has come to be regarded as a best practice in entrepreneurship throughout the world:

Lean Startup workshops consist of two separate parts: understanding your value proposition, and forming your business canvas. The next set of workshops is scheduled for January, 2018 in The Hub. These workshops are open to all at University of Toronto.

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Strategy is another well known approach to entrepreneurship and business strategy. It involves the creation of uncontested markets space involving new opportunity:

Blue Ocean workshops are held at The Hub and led by Dr. Gray Graffam, The Hub’s Director. It consists of a single afternoon of understanding marketing strategy with key examples, and asks participants to relate this knowledge to their own venture or planned undertaking. The next workshop is scheduled for January, 2018 in the Hub. The workshop is open to all at University of Toronto.