The following are current projects in residence (2017):

  • Korsall by Nova & Sentio
  • Genecis
  • HealthBridge
  • Volykos
  • Tribe
  • StageKeep
  • Rockstar Cafe
  • Gagan Singh Music
  • Transcend Toronto SEO
  • Web Pro Toronto
  • Senti Social
  • The Rouge
  • Minds Matter Magazine
  • Just Another Story by Diamondhenge Studios

The following are projects recently graduated or are graduating from The Hub:

  • Nova & Sentio
  • Frrand
  • Flipd
  • Data to Design (D2D)
  • ShopBloq
  • PeerTutor
  • Morpheus
  • Discover
  • Stacksity
  • SALT
  • Contestry
  • Totem Technology
  • Hermes
  • Lyra
  • Mapian

Korsall by Nova & Sentio

Korsall is a project by Nova & Sentio that reshapes our interaction and business practice within the fashion industry. Visit Nova & Sentio.

The Rouge

The Rouge is an innovation project that has taken root in The Hub through collaboration with Parks Canada and UTSC. Its mission is to make information (cultural, ecological, agricultural) about The Rouge National Urban Park freely available through a unique mobile platform. Learn more; visit A Walk in the Park.

Minds Matter Magazine

Minds Matter Magazine (MMM) is a mental health magazine offered for students by students. They are also members of the H2i incubator on the St. George campus. Visit Minds Matter Magazine.


StageIt is a new utility that helps stage managers and choreographers.

Just Another Story by Diamondhenge Studios

Just Another Story is a game designed by Diamondhenge, a senior member of The Hub focusing on commercialization. <Visit Diamondhenge./div>

Updated March 14, 2017.