The following are companies presently in residence (2017):

  • Korsall
  • HealthBridge
  • Volykos
  • Trybe
  • StageKeep
  • Rockstar Cafe
  • Gagan Singh Music
  • Transcend Toronto SEO
  • Web Pro Toronto
  • Senti Social
  • The Rouge
  • Just Another Story by Diamondhenge Studios

The following are companies recently graduated or are graduating from The Hub:

  • Genecis
  • Minds Matter Magazine
  • Nova & Sentio
  • Frrand
  • Flipd
  • Data to Design (D2D)
  • ShopBloq
  • PeerTutor
  • Morpheus
  • Discover
  • Stacksity
  • SALT
  • Contestry
  • Totem Technology
  • Hermes
  • Lyra
  • Mapian


KorsAll is a company that provides state-of-the-art e-commerce opportunity for designers and manufacturers in the ethical fashion industry. Its platform is equipped with sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence to facilitate market intelligence.


HealthBridge is a company that provides healthcare tools to remove language as a barrier between medical patients and care providers. Its solution offers healthcare practitioners an efficient and effective platform for vital communication when making medical assessment, where language and communication is key.


Volykos is a company that provides wireless charging to commercial venues to help them grow their business. Its product helps clients provide accessible power to their customers via a non-intrusive installation and setup. Volykos – wirelessly everywhere.


Trybe is a company that provides a community-driven loyalty platform for those who want to manage sustainable loyalty, by understanding and rewarding their most profitable customers.


StageKeep is a company that provides a proprietary formation management tool to choreographers working on stage productions. Its tool allows choreographers to see and save movements, timed and synced with a musical score, which assists them in teaching choreographed movements to dancers.

RockStar Café

Rockstar Café is a business that hosts an online platform for networking, helping people find people, where you can share your unique stories, have engaging conversations, and pursue your interests. Rockstar Café can connect you to the people and resources you need to launch a project or venture, become more employable, or become more confident in your career path.

Gagan Singh Music

Gagan Singh Music is a business that offers original music composition, song writing and production, sound tracks for the gaming and film industries, and musical performance. The company prides itself on its excellence, its ability to embrace multiple cultural influences and nuance, and its originality and passion.

Transcend Toronto SEO

Transcend Toronto SEO is a visionary company that offers extensive expertise in Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.

Web Pro TO

Web Pro TO is a business that offers extensive expertise in all things web, from web design and development to e-commerce to online web marketing. Web Pro TO uses their own analytics and proprietary analytical processes to achieve impressive results.

The Rouge

The Rouge is an innovation project that has taken root in The Hub through collaboration with Parks Canada and UTSC. Its mission is to make information (cultural, ecological, agricultural) about The Rouge National Urban Park freely available through a unique mobile platform. Learn more; visit A Walk in the Park.


StageIt is a new utility that helps stage managers and choreographers.

Just Another Story by Diamondhenge Studios

Just Another Story is a game designed by Diamondhenge, a senior member of The Hub focusing on commercialization. <Visit Diamondhenge./div>

Updated March 14, 2017.