The Hub is an early-stage innovation and business incubator at University of Toronto Scarborough. Our primary mission is to help students design and launch successful, scalable businesses in the eastern GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America and a leading economic player, nationally and globally. Yet, despite its economic success overall with more than 85,000 businesses, the eastern GTA has suffered significantly over the past 10 years. Scarborough’s efforts, particular those of the new Scarborough Business Association, are to reverse the eastern GTA’s negative economic trend. The Hub has joined these efforts.
We provide programming in the best practices of early-stage entrepreneurship, including Lean Startup, and Blue Ocean Strategy.
Moreover, we provide University of Toronto Scarborough students with a work space, to engage with each other in the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Our secondary mission is to work with others, including academic departments, industry, and academic partners, in the realization of real hands-on projects that offer research and entrepreneurial potential.
The Hub is open to all University of Toronto students who wish to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship as part of their future career path.