Q. How many weeks does the camp run for?

A. 8-weeks from July 4 – August 25. *The camp offers flexible 1-week camp registrations for the TENNIS and RECREATION camps for children 6-12yrs.

Q. What type of camp is it?

A. Camp UTSC is a day camp that offers a morning physical activity curriculum in either Tennis or Recreational sports-programming for ages 6-12, followed by a simulated mini-university experience in the afternoons through hourly rotations in science, computers, dance, dramatic theatre and arts/crafts. Also, we offer 2wk Leadership certificate programs (Leaders-in-Training) for teenagers 13-16yrs.

Q. What are the hours of operation?

A. Camp UTSC operates from 9am–4pm Monday to Friday. *Camp doors open at 8:30am. Ideally, campers should arrive between 8:30-8:45am for social mingling, daily attendance and total-body stretching in preparation for the physical activities for both the Tennis & Recreation camp.

Q. When is the deadline to register for camp?

A. As long as there is room in a particular session, registration will be accepted. However, campers should be registered by 4pm on Friday before the upcoming camp week they would like to attend. Note – camper registrations will not be accepted mid-week during a weekly camp session. *The official “last day” to register for camp is Friday, August 18 in order to register one or more campers for the final week of camp from Monday August 21 – Friday August 25.

Q. The camp session(s) I want to register my child/teen for is sold out, and I don’t want to register for any other camp week(s), what can I do?

A. Email the Camp Coordinator (rwelch@utsc.utoronto.ca) with your request and a spot will be opened, or you may be placed on the waiting list and notified when a spot becomes available. Note: Mid-week camp registrations are not accepted.

Q. What if I need to pick-up my child early, or if I will have someone else picking up my child, who do I inform?

A. You would both email and call the Camp Coordinator at 416-208-5156/ rwelch@utsc.utoronto.ca. Alternatively, you would contact the Camp Directors through the Camp Hotline – 416-287-7420. The Camp Directors will respond to calls every hour of the camp day between 8:30am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Q. My child is 5 years old and I want to register them for Camp, is this possible?

A. The minimum age requirement for entry is 6yrs, however allowances will be made for 5yr old children whose parents/guardians understand that their child must be comfortable and socially mature enough to be placed in a group of older children. Note: 5-yr old campers are generally placed in a small group of six with other 5yr old children.

Q. My child is 12 years old and I would like to register them for the Leadership program (LIT) for 13-16 year olds?

A. The leadership camp is a specialized 2wk certificate program for teens 13-16yrs’; however, children who are 12 will be granted admission into the program as long as parents/ guardians’ are comfortable that they will be socially mature enough to complete program and be with teens 13-16yrs.

Q. Does the camp offer any early-bird registration discounts or special incentives?

A. Camp UTSC offers a one-time registration incentive of 10% off the registration of one child (6-12yrs) registered for the entire 8-weeks of camp, purchased in one transaction. Also from March 1–31, all camp registrations will receive last year’s rate – don’t miss out!

Q. How early can I drop my children off in the morning for camp?

A. 8:30am is the earliest children can be dropped off each morning. Tennis campers will be dropped off at the Valley Playing Fields and Recreation campers will be dropped off at the Catalyst Centre (Room EV151/152) in the Environmental Science and Chemistry building. Morning Greeters for Tennis will be present at the registration desk outside the tennis court entrance as well as outside the entrance of the Catalyst Centre for campers in the Recreation Camp. *The morning drop-off location is subject to change – parents will be notified well in advance if changes occur.

Q. Will I have to pay for parking when I drop-off and pick-up my children in the morning?

A. No, your camp registration includes the provision of a “temporary parking pass” that you will place on your car’s dashboard that will inform parking services that you are affiliated with the camp.

Q. Where is the pick-up location?

A. The day-end pick-up location for both Tennis and Recreation campers is the Catalyst Centre (Room EV151/152) in the Environmental Science and Chemistry building. *Curb duty staff will be more than happy to show and direct you to the location when you arrive in the mornings.

Q. If camp days are missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, will a refund be refunded?

A. Every case is different, but generally missed camp days are made up on another week(s).

B. Q. What time can I pick up my children?

A. The day camp ends at 4pm, and the official pick-up period is a 15-minute window that starts from 4:15pm and ends at 4:30pm.

Q. Do you have pre-camp care?

A. Sorry, we don’t offer childcare prior to the 8:30am start of camp.

Q. Do you have post-camp care?

A. Yes, we have Extended Care service for campers 6-12 years. Children are well-supervised by mature camp staff with volunteer support from 4:30-6pm in the Catalyst Centre (Room EV151/152). Note: Parents/Guardians that pick up campers registered for Extended Care after 6pm will be charged a dollar a minute. Maximum charge for late-pick-up is $60. *Campers not registered for Extended Care picked up after 4:30pm will be charged a dollar per minute.

Q. I’m not sure if I want to place my child/ren on meal plan, can I opt to add that on later?

A. Absolutely. Parents/Guardians just need to understand that meal plan registration must occur Friday afternoon before days’ end (4pm) the week prior to the registration week desired. Meal plan registration that occurs over the weekend or on Monday morning for the upcoming camp week session will not be accepted.

Q. I don’t want to purchase the weekly meal plan but I would like the option to pay for the meal plan on specific days such as a “pizza day” is this possible?

A. Sorry, this is not possible; the meal plan is a weekly lunch plan service.

Q. Does the camp provide snacks for the campers or do parents provide them?

A. The Camp does not provide snacks for campers. All campers and teens should bring one-two small snacks each day, as a break period will occur daily at 10:30am. On rare occasions campers/teens will be provided popsicles and/or freezies on hot days or healthy nut-free snacks provided to the camp by an accredited supplier.

Q. My child is shy and/or doesn’t know any other children at camp, how do the Camp Counsellors ensure that all children have an enjoyable experience?

A. This is a common concern that parents/guardians have. Camp Counsellors have been trained to be mindful of shy children that may be withdrawn, sad, and/or not engaging in camp activities, and will proactively make it a priority to connect them with other campers. Camp staff will do their best to ensure that all children have an enjoyable summer experience!

Q. I would like my children to be placed in the same group as their friend(s), how can this be arranged?

A. Sure, this is a simple arrangement. Just email the Camp Coordinator rwelch@utsc.utoronto.ca one week in advance of the start of the registered camp session from March 1-June 30. As of July 4 –Aug 25, email your requests to the Camp Directors camputsc@utsc.utoronto.ca. Due to the number of grouping

requests, requests are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to try and pair your child with at least one friend. Note: the pairing of one friend is probable; more than one friend is a challenge due to our camper-to-camp staff ratio.

Q. How much does one week at camp cost?

A. During Early Bird period (March 1-31), last year’s fees applies – view website www.utsc.utoronto.ca/camputsc. The general cost of camp per week per child is $235 – this fee is reduced to $188 per child/week if camper is registered for 4-day camps (July 4-7 or Aug 8-11). Optional services such as post-camp care ($50 per child/5-day camp week, $40 per child for 4-day camp weeks and meal plan fees are $49.95 for 5-day camps and $39.95 for 4-day camps. If your teenager is registered for the 2-week Leaders-in-Training certificate program, the fee is $470 per teen, or $423 if registered for the July 4-14 or July 31 – Aug 11 session. If your teen also wants to partake in the weekly meal plan service, the fee is $99.95 for each 2-week program and $89.95 for the 2-week sessions that occur from July 4-14 and July 31 – Aug 11.

Q. What exactly is Recreation camp?

A. Recreation camp is for campers ages 6-12yrs and provides a variation of new and traditional recreational activities (capture the flag, dodgeball, yoga) and a variety of sport activities such as Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Soft-ball, Rugby, Floor Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee!

Q. Do you offer any off-site trips?

A. Camp UTSC offers 4 off-site team building excursions for the Teen Leadership Camp for ages 13-16yrs as follows: horse-back riding, indoor rock-climbing, laser tag and an overnight camping trip.

Q. What is the camper-to-camp staff ratio?

A. This varies program-to-program, however the general camper-to-counsellor ratio is 6:1 for the recreation camp, 10:1 for the tennis camp and 12:1 for the Leadership teen program.