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When To Call Police

Please call the Campus Police during emergency and non-emergency situations to ensure your and others’ well-being.


It is any situation requiring immediate police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property. Call 911 or from an internal phone line dial 9-911 to report serious incidents such as:

  • Any life threatening situation
  • A fire
  • A serious injury or illness such as suspected heart attack, choking, breathing difficulties, unconsciousness etc.
  • Sexual assault
  • An assault or immediate danger of assault including persons fighting
  • A situation involving weapons
  • A crime in progress and suspect is still in the area
  • A drowning
  • An uncontrolled chemical spill
  • Serious motor vehicle collisions


  • Lost and Found enquiries
  • Suspicious persons
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Traffic violations and unsafe driving
  • Parking Violations
  • Personal Safety Issues
  • Prior criminal incidents (thefts, mischief, assault)
  • Vehicle accidents (no injuries)
  • Property Damage
  • Insecure Premises
  • Non-Immediate Threats to Personal Safety (harassment, threats)
  • Noise complaints
  • Possession of drugs
  • Non-life threatening violations of federal, provincial laws, municipal by-laws and University policies.
  • After-Hours maintenance issues (burnt-out lights, damaged locks, flooding)

Please follow the following guidelines when reporting any issue:

  • Know your surroundings and location so that we can pinpoint and give you relevant instructions for your safety
  • Gather as much information as you can about the incident
  • Be prepared to give your name, phone no., and other relevant details when asked for it
  • Please try to remain as calm as possible and don’t panic when asked question about the incident