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Partnership & Funding Opportunities

Funding is available for initiatives on campus that promote safety.  At UTSC, this funding is administered by the Department of Campus Safety and Security.  A sub-committee, reporting to the Advisory Committee on Campus Safety and Security has been formed to approve the issuance of the grant monies to organizations on campus.

To be considered for funding under this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • If the request is student-initiated it must come from a recognized student organization within the UTSC community;
  • If the request is staff-initiated, it must have the approval of the unit manager or director;
  • If the request is faculty-initiated, it must have the support of the Departmental Chairperson;
  • The applicant(s) must demonstrate they have the knowledge skills and ability to deliver the proposal on time and on budget;
  • All proposed projects must comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code and with University anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.

The application for monies under the grant should include the following information:

  1. How does your project fit the required elements as described under the Funding Program?
  2. What are your project’s objectives?
  3. When will your project start and end?
  4. Who will directly benefit from your project?
  5. What will it cost in total?
  6. Will there be other sources of funding?
  7. Applicants may be requested to make a presentation to the committee regarding their applications.

In the past, this funding has been used for many diverse projects, including, but certainly not limited to the following examples:

  1. White Ribbon Campaign
  2. Women in Business’s Deal or No Deal
  3. Women’s health pamphlets
  4. Educational games with prizes
  5. Green Dot
  6. Mental Health