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Anti-Graffiti Program

The University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Police with the assistance of the Scarborough Campus Student's Union are promoting an anti-graffiti program to eradicate graffiti on campus.

We are particularly concerned with hate graffiti - for example racist slogans, homophobic or sexual insults, or personal comments about particular individuals. It is important to remove such graffiti as soon as possible, so that every member of the Campus Community can live, work and learn in a safe welcoming environment.

We are making a determined effort to remove graffiti wherever it shows up and to prevent its recurrence.

YOU can help us by immediately reporting graffiti when you see it.

This is the procedure that will be followed when a report is made to the police:

  • To report graffiti call 416-287-7398.
  • After receiving the call an officer will be dispatched to investigate the site, take a picture (if required) and complete a report.
  • The police will contact the Facilities Management to have the graffiti removed.
  • The need for a follow-up investigation will be determined after considering the seriousness of the occurrence.

All reports of graffiti will be kept on file and statistics of the crime reported to the Advisory Committee on Campus Safety and Security.

Remember! A key factor in having a safe community is the willingness to get involved.

The above information is adapted from the UTSC Campus Police/Scarborough Campus Student's Union pamphlet titled "Anti-Graffiti Program."

For additional information on this or any other crime prevention topic, contact the UTSC Police at 416-287-7398.