iSPEAC (invited Speakers in Physics, Environmental science, And Chemistry) is the Department of Physical and Environmental Science’s invited speaker series, which covers topics and is delivered by external experts and academics in physics, environmental science, and chemistry.  Speakers from near and far are invited to share their cutting-edge research with an interdisciplinary audience of students, faculty and staff.  The series is co-sponsored by the Department of Physical and Environmental Science, and the Office of the Vice-Principal Research at UTSC. 

Tuesday Sept 5th, 2017 Time: 10AM-11pm  Room: EV 140.

Professor Juliane Hollender, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology and the Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollution Dynamics of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Organic micropollutants in Swiss aquatic systems: analysis, assessment and mitigation


Micropollutant such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides enter surface waters through various pathways, of which wastewater treatment plants and agriculture are major sources. The large diversity of micropollutants, their many modes of toxic action and their common persistence pose a challenge for assessing environmental and human risks as well as proposing appropriate mitigation measures. In this presentation, I will present results from field studies where we analyzed spatially and temporally resolved a broad range of polar water soluble contaminants using liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry to get a comprehensive picture on the contamination of surface waters. The associated risk is assessed and examples for improved mitigation measures at wastewater and drinking water treatment plants are presented.


All students, faculty, and sta are welcome to attend!