Upcoming Events

Upcoming Seminars and Workshops:

StatsSeminars Date and Time Room
STAB52 Midterm Review seminar 11-1pm, Tuesday, Oct.10 HW214
STAB57 midterm review seminar 12-2pm, Wednesday, Oct.11 BV264
R workshop - Basic 3-5pm, Wednesday, Oct.11 IC320
STAB22 Midterm Review Semina 5-7pm, Wednesday, Oct.25 IC220


Math Seminars Date and Time Room
MATA31 Quiz 2 Review seminar 10:30-12:30pm, Saturday, October 7 AA112
MATA31 Quiz 3 Review seminar TBA TBA
MATA31 Quiz 4 Review seminar 10:30-12:30pm, Saturday, November 11 IC130
MATA31 Quiz 5 Review seminar 5-7pm, Saturday, November 25 AA112
MATA30 Review seminar 1 12-3pm, Saturday, October 21 SW128
MATA30 Review seminar 2 4-6pm, Saturday, November 11 SW309
MATA30 Review seminar 3 12-2pm, Saturday, December 2 SW309
MATA30 Review seminar 4 12-3pm, Wednesday, December 6 SW309