Study Like a Boss

Study Like A Boss

Join us for an intensive series to learn the Ins and Outs of Success!

Please note that this event is for Management Students ONLY.

Superior Test Taking Strategies TBA IC318
Extreme Time Management TBA IC318

Study Like a Boss program is designed to helped students develop core study strategies which they will use extensively throughout their university years. For the Fall Semester, you will have an opportunity to attend the two following workshops.

Extreme Time Management
Learn how to be in control of your time. Using practical exercises, this workshop will teach you how to put together a daily schedule that works for you. Participants will learn how to plan for busy periods in the academic year and adapt their schedules accordingly.
Superior Test Taking Strategies
This session will teach participants how to develop an exam guide based on their course materials. Tailoring study strategies based on the test format and self-testing techniques will be covered. Planning to prepare for tests will be discussed through activities.

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