Paper on predicting partitioning properties of atmospheric oxidation products open for discussion

February 28, 2017

Our manuscript on predicting gas-water and organic matter-water partitioning equilibria for a large number of atmospheric oxidation product is now posted on ACPD.

David in U of T News

February 7, 2017

An article on David’s field work in New Zealand appeared in the Bulletin of the University of Toronto.

Tife’s first paper published

February 6, 2017

Tife’s paper on modelling equilibrium phase distribution of substituted PAHs has been published. It is our contribution to a Themed Issue on “QSARs and computational chemistry methods in environmental chemical sciences” to appear in ESPI in March.

David back from field work in New Zealand

January 3, 2017

David returned from a week on the North Island of NZ to deploy our passive air sampler for mercury in volcanically active areas, including on White Island and in the “Craters of the Moon” area.


Group represented at North American SETAC Meeting

November 29, 2016

Tife, David and James attended the 37th Annual Meeting of SETAC in Orlando, Florida on November 1-11, presenting their respective work on gas-particle partitioning prediction, air sampling at an Italian mercury mine, and modelling uptake in passive air samplers.

Further studies on the salt effect published

October 25, 2016

Chen’s paper on the effect of different salts and salt mixtures on aqueous phase partitioning of organic compounds has just been accepted for publication in Environ. Sci. & Technol.. Chen also presented a poster on this work at the 35th Annual Conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research in Portland, Oregon, last week.

Matt and Chen successfully defend their PhD theses

October 5, 2016

Matt Binnington defended his thesis “Modeling and measuring environmental contaminant exposure among Canadian Arctic indigenous humans and wildlife” on August 24. Chen Wang similarly defended her thesis on “Phase partitioning during the formation of secondary organic aerosol” on September 6. Congratulations to both!

Stephen’s papers published in ES:PI and ES&T

September 26, 2016

Stephen graduated with a MSc this summer and his thesis on modelling the PCB exposure of NHANES participants and what we can learn from it with respect to the relationship with body mass index has already been published in a pair of papers (1, 2).

Matt’s recent modelling papers published in Environment International

June 20, 2016

The core modelling work from Matt’s thesis research has been published in a pair of papers in Environment International, Abstract Figuredescribing how we simulate the exposure of indigenous Arctic Canadians to environmental contaminants. We then apply these models by exploring the benefits (improved nutrition) and risks (potentially greater contaminant exposure) of different traditional food substitution scenarios.

Abha awarded departmental award for excellence as teaching assistant

June 13, 2016

Abha was recognized with this year’s DPES TA Awards for Teaching Excellence. Congratulations!