Frank Gobas from Simon Fraser University visits Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

November 12, 2015


Back: Jon, Tife, Tinge, Li, James, Chen, Abha, David, Matt, Hidetoshi, Ying, Frank Wania. Front: Stephen, Don, Frank Gobas.

Frank Gobas from Simon Fraser University was visiting the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at UTSC on Nov. 12 to deliver a seminar on “New Developments in the Environmental Risk Assessment of Commercial Chemicals.” It was an opportunity for him to reconnect with his supervisor (Don Mackay) and with students he supervised (Jon Arnot, James Armitage).

Wania Group Moves to the New Environmental Science and Chemistry Building at UTSC

September 28, 2015


The Wania Group has recently completed the transition to the new Environmental Science and Chemistry Building (ESCB), at the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

Below are some photos of the new offices & lab.


The Instrument Room

Inside EV-442

Inside EV-442

From the corner of the lab.

From the corner of the lab.

Inside EV-440.

Inside EV-440.

Welcome Tife Awonaike, Graduate Student

September 7, 2015

We are welcoming Tife Awonaike as a new graduate student in the Wania Group. Tife obtained her undergraduate degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, in 2014. Tife IMG-20150528-WA0013interested in the fate and transport of organic contaminants in urban-runoff.



Welcome Li Li, visiting graduate student

September 7, 2015

We are welcoming Li Li from Peking University, P.R. China, to join us as an international visiting graduate student for the entire following year. Li is supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship. He will woLi_photork on the environmental fate modeling of two emerging contaminants, based on his global emission data derived from dynamic substance flow analyses.

Ying and Frank Visiting the Institute of Urban Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

July 21, 2015


Photo by Youwei Hong

Ying and Frank just returned from a week in China, where they were hosted by Dr. Hang Xiao from the Institute of Urban Environment of CAS. Frank gave talks, both at the main institute in Xiamen and at the research station in Ningbo.

Read more here.

Matt’s Paper on Contaminant Trends with Age in Wildlife Awarded ET&C Best Paper of 2014

July 8, 2015

Screenshot 2015-07-08 10.53.36

Matt’s paper “Clarifying relationships between persistent organic pollutant concentrations and age in wildlife biomonitoring: Individuals, cross-sections, and the roles of lifespan and sex” has been selected as the best paper to be published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry last year. Congratulations!

More Good News for Chen

July 8, 2015

Shortly after passing her qualifying oral exam last Friday, Chen received news that she is recipient of the 2015/16 Jeanne F. Goulding Fellowship of the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies. Well done!

Paper on Quantum-Chemical Approach to SOA Formation Published in ES&T

July 8, 2015

ES&T has published Chen’s paper on using COSMOtherm to predict the phase distribution, yield and composition of secondary organic aerosol formed during the ozonolysis of alpha-pinene. Kai-Uwe Goss from the UFZ in Leipzig has been our guide in using this quantum-chemistry based software.

New Faces in the Research Group this Summer

June 25, 2015


Tiange, Ajitha, and Yang.

We welcome Tiange Yuan, Ajitha Kananathalingham, and Yang Lan, who have joined us for the summer to conduct research. Tiange is supported by a University of Toronto Excellence Award, and Ajitha by a CGCS Summer Internship. Yang Lan is pursuing a M. Env. Sci. degree.

Paper by Andres Published in Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

June 25, 2015
Wania group1
A paper by Andres Ramirez Restrepo, a Colombian graduate student whose time in the research group in the fall of 2013 was supported by the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP), has been published in ESPI. He tested the PAS-SIM model by James Armitage using data from Steve Hayward’s thesis.