UTmail+ is University of Toronto's email & calendaring service for students & alumni. The service is powered by Microsoft Office 365 platform and offers an improved, feature rich environment. New students will have the opportunity to create their UTmail+ account during the UTORid activation process.  You will receive a new email address in the form of firstname.lastname@mail.utoronto.ca. You access your UTMail+ account via your UTORid at the following website:  http://mail.utoronto.ca.

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Opt-in vs. opt-out

When you first activate your UTORid account, you will be given the option to either opt-in or opt-out of subscribing to the UTMail+ service.  We strongly recommend that you opt-in to the email & calendaring service, as many important student information is typically send to official U of T email addresses.  Students also have the option to forward their UTMail+ email to an alternate third-party account if they desire. 

Alumni UTmail+ Account

Students enrolled in UTmail+ will automatically be provided an @alum.utoronto.ca within thirty days of graduation. Mail being sent to a graduate's @mail.utoronto.ca will be automatically redirected to the @alum.utoronto.ca. This alias will allow for a seamless method of checking your UTmail+ alumni account as it uses the current mail.utoronto.ca service. You will not be required to switch email accounts or migrate messages, as existing messages will remain in place.

If you have graduated and have not yet received an @alum.utoronto.ca account, please contact the Student Helpdesk.

Quick Reference Guides: Setup UTMail+ on your Mobile Device!

Need help setting up your UTMail+ account to your mobile device? Please view our quick reference guide below (sorted by operating system). If you experience any difficulties getting your email to download successfully, please contact the Student Helpdesk


Can I decline the UTMail+ service?

Yes.  However we strongly recommend you do not choose to decline the service. The University of Toronto has negotiated expanded privacy and security protections for students using UTmail+ than are available by signing up directly with consumer services such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. You will not receive these expanded protections if you decline. Please be aware that if you decide to decline the service, you may not receive important messages sent to you. Under University Official Correspondance with students policy, you are still responsible if an important message fails to reach you.  If you wish to forward your email, it is highly recommended that you complete the UTMail+ activation and then setup an automatic forward to another email address of your choosing.

I am a student employee. Can I switch to UTMail+?

If you are a student employee, you may enrol for UTmail+, however, email messages sent to your @utoronto.ca will not be automatically forwarded to your new @mail.utoronto.ca. See the article “UTmail+ for Students with Staff Status (link is external)” for more details about how the transtion to UTmail+ will differ from standard enrolment.

What if I have a problem with my UTMail+? Who do I contact?

Please contact the Student Helpdesk at either one of three locations: 1) BV487 (Bladen Wing), 2) UTSC Library Commons, or 3) IC35 (Instructional Center).

You can also send us an email at student-helpdesk@utsc.utoronto.ca or reach us at (416) 287-7391