UofT Blackboard Portal

Blackboard is UofT's institutionally supported learning management system (LMS) and Student Portal. Blackboard is integrated with ROSI (UofT’s student information system) and is a full-featured LMS with an advanced content system, a variety of student communication tools, and easy-to-use course administration features.

To access Portal, login using your UTORid here

If you require support regarding your Blackboard account, please click here.

Browse Your Courses

After you log in, your current courses should be listed on your home page.
If for some reason a course isn't listed, it could be because:

  1. Your instructor(s) haven't made the course 'available' yet (might not be using Blackboard)
  2. Your course isn't offered this session
  3. You may not be registered in it in ROSI
  4. You registered within the last 24 hours, so Blackboard hasn't been updated yet
  5. Your UTORid has a duplicate entry: you are logging in with one set of credentials and for some reason the portal recognizes another

Please contact the Student Helpdesk if you need assistance with accessing your course materials or if you require instruction on how to use the Portal service.