Counselling Services

Counselling staff

University life can be challenging for many students and there may be a time when you feel overwhelmed and need support.

At the Health & Wellness Centre, we have trained counselling staff available Monday to Friday to assist you. Your first visit will usually be a 45-minute intake appointment in order to get a sense of what is going on and to better understand your needs. During this appointment, counselling staff will help create a plan with you. This plan may include individual counselling, group therapy, referrals to other departments on campus, and information and referrals about programs in the community. The Health & Wellness Centre Counselling staff may also direct you to helpful online self-help tools, apps and websites.

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling allows you to meet one-on-one with a trained professional to confront concerns in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

All appointments must be made by phone or in person, not via email or online.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows you to meet with several other individuals along with a trained professional, to address specific concerns and learn new skills.


WellTrack is an online self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) resource that is available to those that may be struggling with anxiety, depression and/or stress. There is also help for students that may be experiencing specific phobias or fears, such as public speaking or spiders. There is an online relaxation room that can assist with stress management. WellTrack can be used individually without coming in to see a counsellor at the Health & Wellness Centre or in conjunction with your treatment in counselling. Please ask for the access code from the front desk or email us.