Environmental Geography

Introducing students to some of the most pressing issues relating to the environment, this cluster challenges students to think critically about how environmental governance takes place and envision how to foster sustainable and equitable development. It exposes students to different ways of defining “nature,” and investigates how economic, cultural and political transformations are changing our relationship with the earth.

Note: Courses in the Major Program in Human Geography are divided into three main subdisciplinary concentrations: Urban Geography, Social/Cultural Geography and Environmental Geography. This program requires a total of 7.0 full credits within the broader 20 credit requirement for a UTSC degree.

ENVIRONMENTAL Geography Concentration

  • GGRA02H3 The Geography of Global Processes
  • GGRA03H3 Cities and Environments
  • GGRB21H3 Environments and Environmentalisms
  • GGRC21H3 Current Topics in Environmental Geography
  • GGRC22H3 Political Ecology Theory and Applications
  • GGRC24H3 Socio-Natures and the Cultural Politics of 'The Environment'
  • GGRC25H3 Land Reform and Development
  • GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance
  • GGRC28H3 Indigenous Environmental Knowledges
  • GGRC29H3 Agriculture, Environment, and Development
  • GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
  • GGRD08H3 Research Seminar in Environmental Geography

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