Guide to English Courses at UTSC

A-level courses at UTSC introduce students to the study of English at the university level. ENGA10H3 and ENGA11H3 are designed both for students wanting an introductory course in the Specialist, Major, or Minor Program in English and for students having a general interest in literature and film and in particular their development in relation to the twentieth century. 

ENGB03H3, ENGB04H3, and ENGB05H3 are core courses required for all English Programs. ENGB27H3 and ENGB28H3 are also required for Specialist and Major programs. B-level courses have no prerequisites and are available both to beginning and to more advanced students.  

C-level courses, as their prerequisites indicate, are designed to build upon previous work and presuppose some background in critical skills and some familiarity with the subject matter.

D-level courses provide opportunities for more sophisticated study and require some independent work on the part of the student. These courses are generally restricted in enrolment and focus on seminar discussion.  

Students are advised to check the prerequisites for C- and D-level courses when planning their individual programs, and to consult with the Program Supervisor before taking courses on other campuses.  

Students planning to pursue graduate studies in English are advised to include ENGC15H among their elective courses and to consider enrolling in ENGD98Y, an intensive seminar that provides qualified students with the opportunity to develop a senior essay project under the supervision of a faculty member in English. The Program Supervisor is available by appointment to advise students selecting courses with graduate study in mind.