Workshops and Seminars

Learn more effectively by identifying strategies that work for you. These workshops and seminars are a fantastic way to explore different approaches to reading, writing and vocabulary development.


First Steps:

  • Have you found it difficult to express the ideas you have in words for your assignments? 
  • Have you avoided writing as much as possible?  Do you have fears and anxiety about writing at university?
  • Have you procrastinated on work that requires writing?

This friendly and supportive session introduces you to techniques that help express your ideas in writing effectively.  Attend one or more sessions according to your needs.  With every session you will make progress in writing that will have an impact on your assignments, projects, and tests/exams.


Canadian Screens:

The English Language Development Centre's Communication Cafe, in partnership with the International Student Centre and Student Housing & Residence Life, are excited to present their inaugural Canadian Screens. This UTSC, on-campus, 5-film series features Canadian cinema ranging from video-game inspired romantic comedies to inspiring and creative documentaries.

Join us for some innovative Canadian films you might not have an opportunity to watch elsewhere. Our program features: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), screening October 6th; Breakaway (2011), screening November 17th; My Prairie Home (2013), screening January 19th; This Changes Everything (2015), screening February 9th and Reel Injun (2009), screening March 3rd.

All screenings will be accompanied by a short workshop and refreshments. Screenings take place from 6/6:30 - 8:30 at the Residence Centre (RC)

Take a Thursday evening off of your studies to join us and your friends as we all enjoy some home-grown Canadian cinema.

See 'Upcoming Events' to right of screen, and click to sign up.


Essential Online Tools to Transform Your Academic English Ability:
This hands-on interactive seminar will help you more efficiently learn your course materials. You will be introduced to two innovative online tools to achieve your learning goals quickly.


Reading Express:
Take charge of your reading, improve your learning!

The right reading strategies can help you:
-focus your attention
-extract key information
-think critically

Bring your course readings to this reading strategy workshop to become a faster, more focused and more retentive reader. Please bring printouts of articles if possible rather than electronic copies.


Reading Academic Texts and Making Notes:

Efficient learning comes from using effective strategies. This workshop introduces a powerful learning system that helps you capture key ideas when taking notes and reading for your courses, transforming your learning effectiveness.


How do I sign up for Workshops and Seminars?

Review the schedule of upcoming Workshops and Seminars on the right hand side of this page and sign up by clicking on the session title.