Student Development

Much of a student’s development happens outside of the classroom, especially through helping others. Our Student Development initiatives-- the Facilitator Training Certificate (FTC) and Peer Support Training--are ways to develop your communication competency, self-confidence and engagement with your community.


Facilitator Training Certificate (FTC)

The Facilitation Training Certificate (FTC) program is an opportunity for highly committed students who have attended the Communication Cafés and the Vocabulary Cafes to undergo training to develop facilitation skills. This is a leadership development opportunity and interested applicants will need to find out about the application process during the Communication Café sessions. Facilitation training and the facilitation roles taken on by students accepted into the FTC program are voluntary.

Students apply for initial training at the Silver level, and upon completion of all the requirements, they can apply to go on to the Gold level.


Silver Level

Silver level FTC facilitators are trained peers who work with ELDC instructors in Cafes and other seminars to create positive learning opportunities for their fellow students.

Application for Silver Facilitators will be open in mid-October 2015.


Gold Level

Gold level facilitators are trained peers who have completed the Silver Level and are continuing their training, service and leadership commitment at the senior level. Gold facilitators work with ELDC instructors in Cafes and other seminars to create positive learning opportunities for their fellow students.

The FTC Graduation event is usually held in early April every year.


Apply for FTC

The Facilitation Training Certificate (FTC) program is a great training program for students who are seeking opportunities to develop stronger communication, interpersonal, team working and leadership skills. We believe that EVERY student has the potential to become an effective communicator and facilitator, even if English is not your first language. We welcome you to apply to become part of the vibrant and supportive community of students who train to be confident and creative in facilitating the development of communication skills among their peers.

This program is for YOU if you are a dedicated, passionate individual who is looking for opportunities to develop:

• Communication skills
    • Competency
    • Fluency
    • Confidence
• Team work skills
    • Collaboration
    • Negotiation
    • Share and achieve common goal
• Leadership skills
    • Motivation
    • Engagement
    • Facilitation



All are welcome to apply, however preference will be given to applicants who have attended the Communication Cafes or any other English Language Development Centre Programming (Discussion Skills, Reading and Writing Excellence Program, Reading Express)

Application forms are available at the Café and in AC310.


English Language Learning Peer Mentor

To support ELDC’s commitment to help students develop better Academic English skills, the ELL Peer Partners seek to enhance our undergraduates’ experience in developing their academic English by providing all interested students a dynamic, focused community through which they can learn and grow together. This learning community within ELDC looks to enhance the English language learning experience of students with a variety of academic and social activities. Students will also be able to seek support of an ELL peer partner through which students can have individualized support in finding opportunities to develop their English. The peer partners will play a crucial role in this community by facilitating the ELL activities within this community and supporting the development of the students. This community hopes to help ELL students connect with the different resources, departments and clubs on campus while improving their academic English and having a sense of belonging to this community.

For more information - contact our Peer Partner Coordinators at