The University of Toronto Scarborough, as an employer, is responsible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for establishing and maintaining a Joint Health and Safety Committee. This advisory committee, which consists of worker representatives and management members, meets quarterly to discuss health and safety concerns, review progress, and make recommendations to management.

The committee also conducts monthly inspections of the workplace.

The JHSC is co-chaired by one worker and one management member and also has at least one certified worker and one certified management member. The committee has a written Terms of Reference which specifies the membership, its method of selection and defines the workplace which the Committee represents.

Full details regarding the composition and operation of the Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference, which are available upon request.  Please contact:

Kerri Kistnasami, Administrative Assistant, at 416-208-4834 or by email at

Last revised: July 2017

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