Service Learning & Outreach

We will begin posting arranged placements for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 starting late June.  Students who wish to create their own placements for Fall 2018 or Winter 2019 are encouraged to start contacting potential supervisors as early as possible.



As a student do you:

- want a chance to work more closely with a prof in one of their classes you greatly enjoyed?
- want to deepen your understanding of course material?
- like working with and helping fellow students?
- want to gain hands-on experience that can add new depth to your resume?
If you are a student interested in a placement experience, please select "Apply Now".
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As a course instructor/community partner would you like to:

- give an enthusiastic student a chance to engage with your course/organization?
- have students learn more about and engage with the community/organization?
- gain placement students' perspective on course learning objects, and help students strategize their approach to the course?
Our Service Learning and Outreach (SLO) program provides experiential education opportunities for students where they are matched with placement opportunities offered by UTSC courses (in-reach), or non-course/off-campus placements (out-reach). As part of the experience, students reflect on how their academic knowledge enhances their delivery of service and how that service experience informs their academic understanding.
If you’re a course instructor or organization supervisor with a placement to offer, please contact us:
Kamini Persaud, Program Coordinator, Service Learning and Outreach
Amelia Seto-Hung, Course and Program Assistant, CTL