Ron Smyth

Ron Smyth

Associate Professor
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Ron Smyth received his BA Hon. from Carleton University in 1975, an MSc in Psycholinguistics from the University of Alberta in 1977, and a PhD in Psycholinguistics from the same university. His psycholinguistic research has included first language acquisition and the adult language comprehension and production of a range of referential categories, including pronouns, agreement, control structures, and VP ellipsis.

His sociophonetics research is focused on the relationship between personal/demographic variables (sex, age, sexual orientation, social class) and listeners' ratings of the voices of male and female speakers, as well as the ability of both kinds of variables to account for variation in the phonetic realization of speech sounds.


Research Interests: 

Areas of Research: Psycholinguistics; Anaphora; Reference; Comprehension; Production Sociophonetics; Gender; Sexuality; Methodology