Meal Plans/TCard+

TCard+ is a new way to pay using your existing official University of Toronto Identification Card (TCard).  Your TCard will be accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, laundry machines, printers, photocopiers and academic departments across UTSC as well as the UTSC Bookstore.  

Enjoy faster, safer, smarter transactions by using your TCard and leave your wallet at home! Go to the Tcard+ website to learn more.

Meal Plan

TCard+ Meal Plans are not like your traditional campus board plans. We’ve designed our Meal Plans to be very flexible. Think of your Meal Plan as your very own campus debit card.

Once you purchase a Meal Plan, your funds will be available on your TCard. Everytime you make a meal purchase, the cost of your meal is withdrawn from your Meal Plan account. If you do not make a meal purchase, no funds are withdrawn from your Meal Plan account.

You can eat whenever you want and spend as little or as much as you want! This is the flexibility of your TCard+ Meal Plan!

With a Meal Plan, you can take advantage of numerous benefits, such as:

  • 13% tax savings on all meal purchases! Additional 5% savings at select merchants. That’s a total of 18% in savings, only for Meal Plan users!
  • Eat healthy, regular meals, without having to worry about cooking between classes. You eat and study, we cook and clean!
  • No need to carry cash on campus. Access your meal plan simply by swiping your TCard.
  • Any left over Meal Plan funds can be can be refunded or transferred to TBucks. TBucks only expire after two years of inactivity